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Craftsmanship originally started off when a young boy started making shoes with his bare hands at his small Shop in 1960 but there was no name for the brand back then. It took decades and generations to experience workmanship and to master the art of leather in producing quality stuff. Due to numerous foreigner visitors in the city and demanding handmade leather products made with bare hands right in front of them became famous in town and it was well appreciated not only by them but their families and friends. Everything now in the workshop is handcrafted with bare hands and after a few days of hardship and effort by masters of art, a beautiful quality product is produced which is always well appreciated. Besides making we have also learned the skill of designing and shaping a product in modern design to meet modern-day needs. Custom design is the best art of craftsmanship. Quality making is our only Art and we believe quality has no price and quality products are the result of a happy community. We invest in the potential of our craftsmen to make our users happy and build a happy community. We fully understand the name of the brand and for that very reason, we use genuine quality leather for long-lasting products. Our teams work in coordination and interact regularly to keep up the art of work in manufacturing.
We are located in United kingdom

iLeather Ltd.
136 St Ann's Road, Rotherham, S65 1SA

Whatsapp Tel: +(44) 7923070283

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday : 11am to 7pm
Sunday : 10am to 4pm

For inquiries please contact us at:
Product Queries: sales@ileather.co.uk
General Inquiries: info@ileather.co.uk

Please allow us 1-2 days to get back to you as we are a small company often with much work to do.

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